The soul behind the rows


When I read a personal blog I am enjoying I always wonder about the author’s personality: Who is this interesting individual? What is he/she like? What does please him/her? I would like to know the person despite he/she probably lives thousands of miles away from me.

 My interest, as I continue to read, is increasing by every new post I go through… But honestly, get to know somebody and ease curiosity is a “mission impossible”!

I have wondered, how I should introduce myself and I have realized that it would be almost nothing, if I would describe that where I do live, how old I am, what I am doing for living or are loving hearts waiting for me at home or not…

Instead of this socially recognized facts I would like to share one single moment of desired happiness:

 Imagine a door opening, you go outside… You need to get to used to the sight – dawn is just breaking… But in some seconds you are not anymore alone with your insights – your eyes can see through the dark, through the fog you catch he silhuette of the lake in the valley, flank with oaken and pine trees. It is almost freezing… You can feel the cold through your nightgown and fluffy sweater on your shoulders… It feels good, you feel alive! You tighten your fingers around the mug in your hands… You feel a slight wave of comfronting warm in your hands and it goes to your soul… You just stare the breaking dawn and the peaceful water in front of you while having small sips from the warm drink…

 This is my imagination about universal peace and happiness I would like to experience once…

What is your craved single moment of bliss?